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In May 2020, Miriam Puentes of Honrama Cellars and Lola Llamas of Llamas Family wines started the Las del Vino Instagram as a way to support one another and market their wines together. During the COVID pandemic, they were inspired to start a new label in honor of their friends and family that have inspired them to be their best selves. In August 2020, they released Las Amigas Cuvée, a Napa Valley Sparkling wine.  


Miriam Ramirez

Honrama Cellars

What our Las Amigas Cuvée represents to me is two brands, two families and one dream. Going into this exciting wine venture with my partner Lola Llamas is exciting to me because it will give us the opportunity to promote and elevate each other's wine brands.

Our, Las del Vino wine company was born by two friends Miriam Puentes and Lola Llamas to promote each other’s wine businesses. Honrama Cellars and Llamas Family Wines, are micro-wineries, and we share the vision of leaving a legacy for our families. It is not easy to run a small family winery operation. When you hear the saying “passion of love” in the wine industry, it really is a passion of love venture. The wine business is a long-term investment. We invest our time, energy and money into building this American Dream. However, we come from humble beginnings in which hard work and dedication has driven us to where we are today. If the man upstairs continues to bless us with good health and work, we will continue to build on our dream and legacy.

Our husbands are the backbone of this endeavor. We include our kids in the family business as a way of giving them the tools necessary to help them feel empowered and build on their own passions in life.

Las del Vino: Loyalty, Bonding and Collaboration with each other!

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Lola Llamas

Llamas Family Wines

We are mothers, wives and friends. This pandemic has been difficult and has made the world a different place. Our beloved Napa Valley will no longer be the same. We have constantly worried about our families and wondered how our children would navigate in a post COVID-19 world. During this time, we not only looked for ways to keep our businesses afloat, but also how we could support one another.

In the process of sharing our fears, dreams, ideas and stories, during one of our daily walks, the concept came to light. Instead of competing, why not come together, share our resources and join forces to sell wine. A few days before Memorial Day 2020, Las del Vino was born.

Our goal is to not only share our wines with the world, but also our personal journeys that brought us into the wine business. As we do that, we are hopeful to continue to build brand awareness, meet new friends and continue this wine collaboration so that we leave a mark. We are mothers, wives and friends and we are stronger together.

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