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First Latina Owned Sparkling Wine in the Napa Valley

Two Families, Two Brands, One Dream.


From Friends to Partners:


From Left to Right: Lola Llamas, Miriam Puentes


Miriam and Lola have deep roots in the Napa Valley. Lola is a Napa Valley native, born in St. Helena and Miriam is an immigrant from Mexico City. They are two strong women in the wine industry that are passionate about their family brands and aspire to escalate their businesses to the next level. It is completely understood in the wine world that a wine business is a passion project that if luck intervenes becomes a livelihood. The families’ two wine brands, Honrama Cellars, and Llamas Family Wines joined forces to promote each other and become stronger together. With their total production under 2,000 cases, they are a speck in the wine industry. After many in-depth conversations and of course, a few glasses of wine, Miriam and Lola founded Las del Vino. With their amazing natural and organic skills to connect with other people that love wine, they are on their way to escalating their wine brands and their own Las Amigas Sparkling Cuvée. They were inspired by their desire to be the best versions of themselves as mothers, friends, sisters, and wives. They want to leave a legacy for their children and pave the road for them to also follow their dreams and desires in life.

Miriam & Lola, Las Amigas

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